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General Details

"HourCloud.biz - Instant Paying Bitcoin Investment, High Profits & Instant Payment!" is undestood the company dealing with investment activities

"Investor" is a person that uses such services for making profit.

"Investment" is sum of money which is paid by the concrete investor in particular company

"Profit" is refer to the growth of your capital after the first investment.

Standard Terms

Our privacy policy page holds all the details that concern the use, disclosure and collection of your personal information with regards to the use of our service. Your information will not be used in any form that is against the privacy policy stated below. The personal information that you give us will only be used to improve the service that we provide you. So, by using our service, you agree to the use and collection of your personal information in-line with our privacy policy. The terms used in this privacy policy all have the same interpretation as seen in our terms and conditions, except otherwise stated.

General Provisions

Rules of the Project apply to the participant immediately after the registration on the company website. By creating an account you confirm that you have read the terms fully and agree to follow them. By creating an account you agree and confirm to be of legal age in your country to partake in this program, and in all cases your minimal age must be 18 years. The Investment to the project and cooperation according to the affiliate program are carried out on a voluntary basis. The Company cooperates with its participants according with the conditions of the current investment offer. And the individual conditions are not provided in our project.

Rights and Obligations of the Clients

Every registered user can use Investment Offer on the discretion or ignore it. Registration on the website doesn't mean an obligation to invest in the project. The Participant of the project undertakes to provide accurate data when registering on the website. The Projects offered by the company are not available to the general public and is opened only to Clients of the Company. The use of this site, its promotional material and all information is restricted to its clients and individuals invited by them. Every deposits is considered to be a private transaction between the Company and its Clients. Members can use all available ways to promote his/hers affiliate links including promotional material. At the same time, Members understand that spam press is negatively affected the reputation of the Company and undertake not to use this method of promotion. Users have the right to contact the Service of Technical Support for solving difficulties with the work in the project or for receiving additional information. The Client undertakes not to create multi-accounts and will use only one account for work. Participants of the project undertake to maintain a positive image of the company, not to mislead potential investors about investment conditions. The Client is responsible for making investment decisions and is fully aware of the existing risks. The client agrees to hold all principals and Member's harmless of any liability. The client is investing at his own risk and agrees, that past performance is not an explicit guarantee for future performance. The user guarantees not to provide the data for logging in account to third parties. Otherwise he is responsible for the negative consequences. The Participant of the Affiliate Program has the right to use receiving remuneration on his own. The User can use to recharge the balance by any suitable means that is provided for by the conditions of the project.

Rights and Obligations of the Company

The Company undertakes to accept investments of participants and use them in its activity in order to multiply. Organizers of the Project undertake to provide smooth operation of the website, reliable data encryption, protection of Ddos-attacks. The Company has the right to block accounts that violates Terms of the Project. In this case, money from the account balance will not be refunded. Claims of the Users about blocking of accounts are not accepted. The Company is not responsible for delays in the processing of payments by payment systems. Organizers of the Project has the right to send notifications to the e-mail address entered during registration about updates of the project and its news. The Company undertakes to maintain the anonymity of Clients and the confidentiality of their personal data. Information about participant is not disclosed to third parties. The company is not responsible or liable for any loss of data. The Administration of the Project undertakes to process requests for withdrawal instantly from the moment of creation of the correct request. If the incorrect request for withdrawal is created, the Administration has the right not to process it. The Company has the right to change the rules, commissions and rates of the program at any time and at its sole discretion without notice, especially in order to respect the integrity and security of the Members' interests. The Client agree that it is his sole responsibility to review the current terms. The Company reserves the right to accept or decline any Member for membership without explanation.

Risk Dislosure

The company minimizes the risks that may arise during the conduct of activities in the currency market. In addition, there are risks which are related to the use of an Internet-based deal execution trading system and include risks connected with possible hardware or software failures.

Final provisions

The provisions of the Project can be amended and they take effect immediately after the publication on the website. In case of disagreement with the Terms of the Project, the User should leave the website and not use our investment offer. All disputes between the Company and its Clients are resolved in accordance with the legislation in force. Parties are released from obligations in the case of factors that impede this and do not depend on their will. If you do not agree with the above disclaimer, please do not go any further.

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